Roof Repair Putnam CT

Repair of the rotted facia.

Project Description

A roof system is designed to protect us from the weather and give us comfort. But a faulty roof can be worrisome and lead to expensive repairs or replacement if not maintained properly.

Some of the areas of the roof that can cause grief and money are around the edge of the roof. If the edging is not properly installed with the right flashing material it can lead to water leaks. Water leaking down and out of the gutters can get in behind the facia and siding causing rot to the materials and framing.

This roof repair in Putnam, CT had the very same issue. A 15-year-old roof was leaking from the front side of the roof. It was leaking so much that it was causing damage to the ceiling inside the house.

The repair involved removing some of the damaged shingles, installed ice and water shields, and repaired damaged window flashing and trim work.

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