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What would a house look like without windows? Windows play very important roles in a house or building.

Windows provide cross ventilation which allows for air moving and therefore keeping the property feeling fresh and cool on summer days. They allow natural light to keep the inside bright and help save energy. Widows let us enjoy the view from inside and keep an eye on our neighbor’s property when they are away.

Although we may not think about it, windows are complex components of the property. They must be energy efficient to keep the cold out and warm on cold winter days and to keep the heat and cool on hot summer days. They must also keep the wind out and be waterproof.

Window installers and contractors must keep these aspects of proper window installation in order to ensure a well-done window installation that will last.

When a window installation is not done properly, it can lead to water damage and loss of energy. This was the case of a property in Berkley, MA. The window had not been properly installed. Water was leaking to the inside of the property causing window casing rot. The project involved removing the existing window casing, installing new waterproofing flashing, and replacing the casing with PVC Wood material.
If your windows sound rattling drafty in the wind, broken or damaged window casing, give us a call, we will be happy to stop by to check and offer you some options.

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